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Only premium quality 100%

sunflower core

Production up to 2 tons/ hour, with 40-60% efficiency, depending on the type, quality, humidity, etc.

Superior quality peeled kernelĀ 

  • 99% purity
  • either packed in 20kg bags
  • or packed in personalized 180-250g bags

Secondary products

  • grated peeled kernel, used in the bakery industry (bread, halvah, etc)
  • non-compliant seeds, for oil manufacture – selected by foreign objects < max. 2%0

Because the future is BIO

Biomass Briquettes

  • 4592 kcal/kg calorific power, compared to coal
  • approx. 7mm in diameter, 520-565 kg/mc. volumetric weight
  • packed in 1 ton/ 25kg bags